Manufacture of goods and furniture, and import and export of goods
Room 3208,32/F,Central Plaza BLDG,18 Harbour Road,Wan Chai,Hong Kong +852 3068 4475

Company Profile


CEO  Yoshikazu Mizoguchi

The era was changed from "Heisei"to"Reiwa"under the throne of Japanese new emperor.

Our FI TRADING CO.,LTD.(FIT)opened a Japan branch office with this new era.

We will work with further business expansion.

FI TRADING Abbreviated FIT comes from personal independent travel "Foreign Independent Travel"

We made free open trade the motto of this company name

"Foreign Independent Trading"

The possibilities are endless as we use the "know-how"we have accumulated to provide products with partner around the world.

"TPP" "EPA" "FTA" agreement is concluded with partner country,

and expectation is filled with the environment over the trade.

Come on! What are you looking for?

Let's develop a new era together!



"If you put your mind to it,

You can accomplish anything"

Once upon a time the Japanese "Edo"era load of Yonezawa domain "Mr.Yozan Uesugi"left a song below

" If you try to do,it can be achieved,If you don't,It will never be achieved,

Achieving nothing is due to one's own intension to not try"

We will always work with management in the mind of the challenger in the spilit of this 

"If you put your mind to it,You can accomplish anything"

Company Profile

Company Name FI TRADING CO.,LTD.

Main office
Room 3208,32/F,Central Plaza BLDG,18 Harbour Road,WanChai, Hong Kong

TEL +852 3068 4475
Japan Group Company
Room204,8-35 Wakayama-Cho,Nishinomiya,Hyogo,Japan 



Yoshikazu Mizoguchi

Company History 2006



Changed company name to FI TRADING CO.,LTD.
FI TRADING CO.,LTD. open Japan Branch

Business Content
Manufacture of interior goods, furniture and import /  export sales
Mail order business
Consulting business
Bank Hang Seng Bank
Kowloon Branch


We make full use of"Know-How"of the oversea import that cultivated so far.

We will produce and purchase cheap and good products to our domestic customer and oversea through our own routes and sell them at pinpoint.

Our handling products area is ASEAN(Malaysia/Thailand/Vietnam/Indonesia etc)

That is also considering import duties.

If you request to product in China,we will select by best partner ship facility.

And we also sell various popular "Made in Japan products"by inbound to oversea.

In the future,we will also focus on "E-commerce"so that we can offer good and cheap products to general customers on planning,developing and manufacturing our own products.

In adition,we don't only sell products,we also offer consulting service for overseas business.

So please don't hesitate to contact us.